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want to hear you mix take Uploaded 10mo+19dy ago by jammingcory

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jammingcory   commented 10mo+19dy ago

trying to learn to mix ... but I don't really know how to use compressors and limiters without it sounding 'breathy.' added a guitar and organ , but it seems like I get too busy when adding so many layers , I'm perplexed by how bands with a lot of instruments do this

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Domino   commented 7mo+8dy ago

As yours is the featured mix, I'm guessing jubal wants the extra guitar and organ in future mixes. Could you post the seps so I can add them to the mix I'm working on please?


jammingcory   commented 5mo+20dy ago

oh sorry, think I deleted all that to clear space. but if you want to use my bass, I'd use version two that is uploaded, it's cleaner

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jubal   commented 10mo+19dy ago

That's a fun version...has a crisp energetic feel to it Cory. Thanks for making time to explore this tune...its an interesting read of the song...well done. Rock On jammingcory