Shine On (K13) Funk

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K13 mix 2020 03 10 Uploaded 6mo+17dy ago by MDK

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MDK   commented 6mo+24dy ago

Added in Maurizio's congas, and added Pete's bass and guitar in the break section. Favoloso!

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DocDaFunk   commented 6mo+24dy ago

I absolutely love it , that break brings a lot of interests , well done peeps!

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minime   commented 6mo+24dy ago

I agree with the Doctor and i add the Mix sounds very good ! Super Cool Project !!!

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ESTJdrummer   commented 6mo+24dy ago

hey! this is becoming a hit! excellent mix and the breck shoots hard I am proud to participate and I hope there will be many other opportunities to play with this excellent crew :) word of an old billy goat ciao a tutti M.

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SpinDizzy   commented 6mo+24dy ago

Excellent!!! Really glad that you could give Peter the room to join in. One of my favorite bass players here but I don't think we ever have shared the bass seat before. I'm very pleased we had the chance here. Great job all.

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neticous   commented 6mo+24dy ago

Ditto Spin Never enough bass :)