Shine On (K13) Funk

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Shine On mix 2020 03 19 Uploaded 2mo+5dy ago by MDK

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MDK   commented 2mo+6dy ago

With Mike's vocals. Added some saxophonics at the end.

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Wire-and-Wood   commented 2mo+6dy ago

oh yeah! The mix sounds awesome and the outro is brilliant. So glad to be in this project. Outro is now my favorite part. Damn, that bass too! great song. Oh yeah, that funky wah too. Nothing lacking here

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minime   commented 2mo+6dy ago

This Mix sounds awesome ! All the details are good to hear and the new Sax parts you have add goodness .........mega super duper good work Sir ! This Project is awesome in every detail !!!

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DocDaFunk   commented 2mo+6dy ago

Zuper Wunderbarr (not sure about my english )

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MDK   commented 2mo+6dy ago

Your English is perfekt.

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neticous   commented 2mo+6dy ago

Love It. Great Mix, excellent Vocals Mike