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Mixdown Talk to me - vocal tryout Uploaded 5mo+3dy ago by Lift

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Lift   commented 5mo+3dy ago

Hi Peter, quick stab at possible vocals based on lyrical gibberish. I'll team up with Deeptrope if this heads in the right direction

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peterrand   commented 5mo+3dy ago

Hi Maarten - sounds good! Yes I would be happy for you to carry on with this! Great!

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Lift   commented 5mo+2dy ago

Hi Peter, same note here: John has this on his 'to do list' but it might take a week or two to get around to it (lyrics), I'll pick this up as soon as they come in. To be continued , Cheers! Maarten

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peterrand   commented 3mo+5dy ago

Hi Maarten - any news on this one at all - has John come up with some lyrics..?

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peterrand   commented 3mo+5dy ago

Let me know if you want any lyrical contribution from me and I can have a try.

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Lift   commented 3mo+5dy ago

Hi Peter, let me reach out to John with a 'gentle reminder', Cheers! Maarten (same for the other tune as well)