Side By Side Pop/Rock

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SIDEBYSIDE MIX1 Uploaded 2 months ago by RealAl

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RealAl   commented 2 months ago

Hello: Hear an acoustic drum DEMO for your consideration. Nice and smooth song with engaging vocals...COMMENTS...ENJOY

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stoman   commented 2 months ago

Thanks, Al - I'm at work now, so I'll listen later!

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RealAl   commented 2 months ago

And I am in Lock Down, here in the USA... So take all the time you need... ;-)

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KimNobleMusic   commented 2 months ago

awww, Al!! Super duper muper NOICE!! Thanks for this!!! We'll see what the Boss says but for me really love the sound it brings!! As an aside, hope you're well... Hugs from one Lockdown to another!!! :)

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stoman   commented 1mo+29dy ago

Listening now. Definitely post your seps! I like the performance (but not the sound - especially the snare).

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RealAl   commented 1mo+29dy ago

You know I always respect your Golden Ears. Do with my SEPS whatever you will. And if there is anything I need to rerecord, I await your feedback. Thank you for efforts.. I enjoy this Song because it has those elements that make a SONG. It has a message and a structure..