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Help me finish this collaboration. I am currently requesting uploads for the tracks listed below. Feel free to contribute.
- Paulkearnsmusic
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Creative Brief

This idea came to me as we all face an uncertain future and I wanted to do something "uplifting" that perhaps many could get on board with.

I'd like, eventually to do a video of the world's "virtual band" all playing together. 

Music is suffering - the idea is that 6,000 miles, let alone 6 feet apart isn't going to stop us.

If anyone has any ideas about the project, I'm open to ideas. Above everything, this should be fun!!

The start of this will be shortened SO, LISTEN from 2:45 on and that's where I see the "layering" coming in.  Should make sense I hope.

Any suggestion welcomed 😀

It's just a repetitive run of chords (Am C G E), building up over a "busy" base line (my fingers hurt after that!!) - building into a veritable "wall of sound".

This is my very first collaboration - so please be kind to me :) 

I want to keep the mixing and mastering "in house" - but feel free to play around with your own ideas.

What I'm looking for is Seps of anything from heavy metal guitar riffs to kazoos :) - just so long as I can put it somewhere in the mix.


For those interested - the track was created using the Garritan & Vienna Symphonic plug ins with two pianos - one from the Garritan  collection and one from Steinberg Halion - they seemed to blend well.

Other than the bass, I have all the midi seps available - although, as I said, at this pint I'm not looking for anyone to mix or master (I'm going to try and use the courses I've been taking to see if they work).

There are two mixes - one at -12Db uncompressed and one at -1.1Db - with the Cubase "Maximiser" compressor in the output - just to give a feel of the "wall of sound" I'm striving for.

Additional Information

Genre Rock Key Am BPM 120.0

Collaboration started March 24, 2020 by Paulkearnsmusic
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