Pretend Pop

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Drum Uploaded 10 days ago by modalrenic

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beethonin   commented 9 days ago

Buenos dias Dany. He aceptado tu pista por que creo que encaja bastante bien con la idea de la canción, de todos modos a ver KIm que dice. Hay algún detalle que me gustaría volver a escuchar con un bajo pero de momento es Ok todo. Por cierto para la mezcla hará falta el archivo como mínimo en .wav ya sabes por la pérdida de calidad. Buen trabajo

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modalrenic   commented 9 days ago

ok esta bien hoy te subo el archivo wav por medio de un link y estamos en contacto. Gracias por aceptar mi pista, me gusta su song

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stoman   commented 9 days ago

Separate files, please - not one single, pre-mixed stem, if possible! Gracias! :)

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KimNobleMusic   commented 9 days ago

Hi There Dany!! First of all, HUGE WELCOME!! This sounds nice and I downloaded it to try it in a mix however, I can't get an exact "feel" for what you're doing. Normally, when someone uploads an idea, they also upload a full mix (doesn't have to be perfect by any means) so the project managers can hear what your vision is for the song, in a full mix. Can you do that please? That would be most helpful!! Muchas gracias for taking the time!! And I look forward to hearing your vision!! Welcome!! :)

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KimNobleMusic   commented 9 days ago

Hi Dany, when you get a chance can you please upload your lossless seps?? If you want to link here with a cloud link... would be wonderful!! Gracias!! :)