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recorded rough lead guitar idea's on top of track, if you're liking get in touch Uploaded 1mo+20dy ago by RobertAnthony34

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peterrand   commented 1mo+20dy ago

Thanks Robert! Nice stuff. And welcome to Kompoz! Where this is at right now is that Timothy is going to redo some of the guitars and we can take it from there - also hoping for vocals at some stage too - so maybe won't need a solo right through - let's see how this one progresses. Thanks!


RobertAnthony34   commented 1mo+20dy ago

Hey man, cool, no totally, I just played the full track and jammed over it to see what came out. The delay is also not right but of course solo not right through. Is a guitar solo in a specific section what you mean by lead guitar? or do you want a solo and touches of lead guitar elsewhere in the track?