Second Day (AT) New Wave

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Second Day AT first edit Uploaded 2mo+5dy ago by NorraHill

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bcstudios   commented 2mo+5dy ago

Very cool track... Welcome to KTown...

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NorraHill   commented 2mo+5dy ago

Thank you very much!

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Jorgephoenixx   commented 2mo+5dy ago

Will try to add some electric violin.

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NorraHill   commented 2mo+5dy ago

That would be very much appreciated! Thanks so much

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Froz   commented 2mo+3dy ago

This is very cool. I would love to try to record some acoustic drums for your project. Would you please upload a drumless mix ? No clicks needed but sync tones would be great. Thanks. Cheers Frédéric

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NorraHill   commented 2mo+3dy ago

Hi Frederic, that would be great. I will do a new Rough Mix asap... presumably tonight.

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NorraHill   commented 2mo+2dy ago

Hi Frederic, Done, you'll find the Mix without drums in the "Files" section... I did add 4 klicks in the beginning to count you in. It is 107 bpm. Thanks so much. Frank