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A vocal melody line to show lyric meter and placement Uploaded 4mo+19dy ago by apressman

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joel_sattlersongs   commented 4mo+18dy ago

AFTER THE RAIN song lyrics by Joel Sattler After the rain let me taste your kisses after the rain let me know what this is Could it be love, am I in confusion could it be real or is this illusion after the rain will we be together only a day or something like forever after the rain it will all be good after the rain we'll start again after the rain when the world is new after the rain what could might have been the promises of a me and you nothing's the same after the rain ineffable can't be explained sometimes a dream it will come true sometimes your life is more than you knew

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Reba1994   commented 2mo+18dy ago

Apressman I tried to line this up with the track and can't. It does not seem to fit. I am having trouble coming up with a melody for the verse, chorus I think I have down - so I saw this and decided to give a listen - Can you combine the 2 so I can hear what you are hearing? I almost abandoned this because I just couldn't make anything work.

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apressman   commented 2mo+17dy ago

Hi Reba. I uploaded (but it doesn't yet appear) a mix of the backing track from Tonker with me just tapping out a piano line for the melody. My original was to get Scotty some guidance on redoing the lyrics. Hopefully it will appear soon. It said it was done and it's a demo mix. Was never designed to be part of the song, just to help pin down a melody that worked with the lyrics. Also, it appeared you uploaded some new lyrics? I don't see those either. Very strange.

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Reba1994   commented 2mo+17dy ago

I did and deleted them as I was about to give up on the song. Then I came across your file - I'll take a listen tonight ... Thanks for uploading it - although I still do not see it yet.

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apressman   commented 2mo+17dy ago

Okay, It's there now. Hope it helps. Adam