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FreePass Bass Sep Uploaded 6yr+7mo ago by neticous

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neticous   commented 6yr+7mo ago

Billy, I swear I did this. man am I busy with life right now. My last surgery went well on my finger and I am playing using it again. The hand mussels atrophied a little so I am working them back into shape. My older daughter had a huge brain tumor removed, she is doing rather well but is still recovering and will be for several months. We, Jan and I have our 3 year old grandson Gabriel, what a fine your person. There is more but, cheers. Pete

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billy   commented 6yr+7mo ago

Ah Peter, I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter.. I hope and pray everything works out with her recovery. Thanks for the track.

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neticous   commented 6yr+7mo ago

Thanks Billy