Hephaestus (METAL - Groove) Metal

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BassMixTony Uploaded 1yr+11mo ago by tbase2000

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tbase2000   commented 1yr+11mo ago

Sweet track! Just having a little fun and some play by ear practice. Didn't get to detailed on it, just jamming along. Lot's of fills and accents that could be done. Sorry that I don't have a great bass VST. I record the DI and also a mic on Ampeg amp. Not a bad clean tone but I don't have a goto growl Amp plug. Maybe you do.

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tbase2000   commented 1yr+9mo ago

Anyone ever listen to this?


Ratatoskr   commented 1 year ago

Dude, I'm so sorry I've somehow missed this upload. I was going through old projects and saw a little purple 'new upload' on the project and saw you uploaded this 10 months ago. Thanks for the effort you put into learning this, I really appreciate this.

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tbase2000   commented 1 year ago

No worries. I like setting in on a good track and getting some practice in.