Hold on Hair Metal

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Bass needed?

By Mike Nolan
6yr+2mo ago

i noticed there was a request for bass but a scratch track already exists. Are you still looking for some help with bass?  I'm new to this, so I'm not completely sure of the process and protocol. 


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RichColeman   commented 6yr+2mo ago

Hi Mike! Welcome to Kompoz! Yeah, so everything that I post (drums, bass, guitar, etc) is just computer-programmed synth sounds (I'm a keyboard player unfortunately). The scratch tracks are just guides for real musicians to follow. I'm pretty new here too and, so far, I'm having a blast. How I tend to do things is if there is an open song posted, I will just post anything and everything I want that I think sounds good with the current mixes. I think it's pretty open and free around here in that, even if there is a bass audio that is accepted in a song, if you come along and blow the socks off of it, they will un-accept the current one and add yours instead. So if I were you, I'd just find every song you like and post all the ideas you can. The more ideas and the more options to choose from, the better. Also, you can spin-off songs into new projects (all my songs are set up this way). If the project spin-off option is turned on, you don't even have to ask. You just click the spin-off button, create the new project and take that song in your own direction. It's pretty awesome. Have fun! Rich


Tonefinder   commented 5yr+3mo ago

Really? Those rhythm guitars are synths?? I came on here to tell you how much I like your playing and tone!


RichColeman   commented 5yr+3mo ago

lol yeah sorry for the fake out. Yeah, 90% of the guitars that I've posted are just synths (included Numb that you "liked" today as well). I do spend a lot of time on them to make they sound authenticate, though. I play guitar but I'm a control freak so I like to tweak every little note so that's easier using midi than my fingers that don't always cooperate with me. :)