O Brother Sun American Trad Rock

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joel_sattlersongs   commented 5yr+9mo ago

BROTHER SUN AND SISTER MOON song lyrics by Joel Sattler based on the poem by Saint Francis O Brother Sun give to me a moment’s shade Brother Sun all the world doth praise thy name Through the day you give us light high and beauty shining bright and in the dark of the night Sister Moon so fair and white Brother Air, Brother Wind calm or stormy blow again as my life begins to fade to cherish all that you have made Fight the dark Brother Fire fill my heart with hope's desire praise to thee Mother Earth and to the world that gave us birth Sister Water quench my thirst save me from the endless hurt for all the love that I have done now give me blessing Brother Sun Praise to thee oh Lord though I'm not worth to say the word Though my prayers are long though I know not if you heard Only Brother Sun is the evidence of what you will Only Sister Moon is beaming on the windowsill I am just a man all I know is how to pray Though the rise of dawn through the parched and flaming day If I can but endure all my sorrows are bound to cease Then I shall kiss my Sister Death and then I can rest in peace O Brother Sun always seeing never blink O Sister Moon give me something I may drink In the desert of my mind grow a garden green and kind in the land of my past give forgiveness joy at last In the foolishness of pride make me whole and warm inside in the ruins of my sins make me clean and washed again If I have ever broken hearts let them be strong as the start if I ever slipped and fell save me from the worst of Hell Of the wrong things I have done burn away O Brother Sun bring me happiness and soon let me sleep O Sister Moon ====================