Prometheus Wept Prog-Rock/Art Rock

Started by sriracha, © All Rights Reserved 2015



Prometheus Wept (master) Uploaded 4yr+5mo ago by sriracha

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sriracha   commented 4yr+1mo ago

New mix just pushed it a bit, cleaned up some things here and there and made it a little warmer.

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srhangover   commented 4yr+1mo ago

Amazing!!!!! i love that song :) I miss winter, in summer i have too much job and i don´t have any time for music and for kompoz :____(


AndreaSpace   commented 4yr+1mo ago


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Wire-and-Wood   commented 4yr+1mo ago

awesome to hear this one again. Great solo on this too.... It's definitely a powerhouse instrumentally. Great to be in there with all of you

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rhythmicdevil   commented 1yr+4mo ago

Really nice. There is a ton of great stuff happening in this track. I love the way the drums and guitars work together.

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sriracha   commented 1yr+4mo ago

Andrea is incredibly musical in her drum work - I always start writing tunes with guitar and drums and she' elevated everything she touches. Then you add some of my very favorite people to work with in Jordi and Mike and it just took off.

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sriracha   commented 1yr+4mo ago

I also love how Mike takes the infant idea I have about a song theme and turns it into something brilliant. He and I had this PM going on talking about another tune we'd worked on where I used quotes from Robert Oppenheimer about the first atomic bomb and how he was conflicted by the resulting success of the manhattan project and also how he was viewed and treated afterwards and I put this tune up and Mike immediately got the reference to Oppenheimer and was off.