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Creative Brief

This is just an acoustic track with a vocal idea over the chorus.  I have nothing else for this one so go nuts.  I was going for kind of a Beatles meets Alice in Chains?  Who knows.  I think it has potential.  The verses have a lot of chord changes to play around with for a vocalist, I would think.  

The title and the chorus are COMPLETELY optional so feel free to nix it entirely.

Oh, and the bridge/solo part is in 15/8 time signature so I included a simple HH and sidestick beat so you can hear the timing. It's not meant to be the actual drums or anything so just use the acoustic as a starting point.

If no one else adds anything over the next month or two, I'll probably slowing start adding instruments but I think it'd be cool to see if a bare-bones track would take off here or not.

Here are the vocals for what I have in case you use (but you don't have to - seriously, I mean it)


copyright 1999

I can taste your skin
I'll never love...
I'll never love that way again

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Genre Adult Alternative Key G major BPM 92.0

Collaboration started September 20, 2014 by RichColeman
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