BillyLimbo / Billy Limbo 1mo+26dy ago
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy - The Andrews Sisters 1941


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VocalRun   commented 1mo+26dy ago

They literally woke my mom out of her sleep when she went into the hospital. That was in February, the first hospital where she had not been able to breath (She had to go to two hospitals and got out over a month later. Like six or seven weeks.), after she had gone septic. We played her Stars are the Windows of Heaven by The Andrew Sisters. She woke up to these girls. Slowly, her toes started and then her hands and she then asked to hear something I sang on and the only thing slow enough was O Holy Night. haha. So...I need to do some more swing numbers or slow tunes. Which is what will happen but you all know I usually take the summers off right? To be with the fam. Well, school has been postponed 'indefinitely' in our district so summer started early this year. I'll try to fit in some new stuff when I can. So...somebody get me some of this kind. :)

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BillyLimbo   commented 1mo+25dy ago

Wow. moving story, Glad she recovered! My son was born quite premature and put in an incubator. We thought we were going to lose him. The nurses put a walkman next to the incubator and ran a little speaker so he could listen to some soothing music, and they said he seemed to quite enjoy it. He gained strength and health over time and we took him home. He is now a musician. Music does have therapeutic value.

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VocalRun   commented 1mo+25dy ago

Hooray for yours. My boy was on anti-bioitics for two weeks. Vancamycin injections for two separate diseases. Thank goodness for Children's Dallas. He's a miracle baby, too. I just sang CSN to him. Not sure that really helped. hee. It think he was just that stubborn. ;)