KimNobleMusic / Kim Noble 1mo+27dy ago
Dear K-town! Need warm thoughts PLEASE sent toward Ricardo Camargo (RicCamargo). He has been diagnosed with the Corona Virus and although he is recovering, he was in critical condition at one point and is still in the hospital (New York). Ricardo was a regular here in K-town a few years ago until he secured the sound engineering position for the musical Stomp in New York. This photo is of him, me, and my son attending one of his performances where he gifted to us exceptional seats. Afterwards , he introduced us to some of the cast who were incredibly kind and nice. We had a wonderful night!! Ricardo is one of those guys who can do it all, musically! But also, so very kind and super nice, too!! Just thought maybe those who know him and//worked with him would want to know!! Stay safe, please! His story (although on the upswing now) started very harrowing!! Hugs, K-town!!


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DocDaFunk   commented 1mo+27dy ago

Man that sucks so much But i'm so glad he's recovering Sending all the positive vibes to him & his family Can't wait to hear is back home safe

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xterrabill   commented 1mo+27dy ago

the same from me too kimmy!

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beethonin   commented 1mo+27dy ago

Much strength and much encouragement for Ricardo.

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RickyD   commented 1mo+27dy ago

It somehow seems wrong to hit the Like button for this. I'm wishing him and all of you the best of health and remember my mantra "Stay safe, stay well and stay the hell away from me!" Love y'all!!!

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MikeJM   commented 1mo+27dy ago

Reminds me of one of the best songs I was a part of here (which he really mixed to perfection): . . . which will be my message to him. Stay strong, best wishes, and know that you WILL get through this - your recovery, and many good things, are just "Around the Bend." Thanks for sharing Kim. Always hard to hear something like this, but that's contrasted for sure by all the nice comments and well wishes for him I read when I click on it. :)

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FidlerSongs   commented 1mo+27dy ago

Praying for Ric's recovery....who is obviously a wonderful and very talented musici ian. Beautiful picture Kim:):) It's been a tough week:(

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JB2012   commented 1mo+27dy ago

I'm so sorry to hear that ... he's a really cool guy. I hope it gets better quickly.

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Wire-and-Wood   commented 1mo+27dy ago

Man, all my best thoughts!!! You got this Ricardo!

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RobAsh15   commented 1mo+27dy ago

May he, and you, be safe and free from fear. May he recover fully and speedily. Tough times in The Big Apple right now, for sure.

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KimNobleMusic   commented 1mo+27dy ago

Hi All!! The outpouring of love and warmth for R.C. is MUCH appreciated!! I have linked this message to him so he could see that musicians near and far are wishing him well!!! Thank you! Merci! Gracias! Obrigada! And a host of other appreciatives, K-town Family!! Hugs for ALL!!

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Redfish   commented 1mo+27dy ago

Big virtual hugs to [[[[[ Ric ]]]]] - wish you a speedy recovery dude - and also to any others of you who have the virus or any other illness/challenges at the moment and/or those affected close to you - Red

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GeorgeSC   commented 1mo+27dy ago

I will pray for his recovery.

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RottGold   commented 1mo+26dy ago

Speedy recovery!


xd238   commented 1mo+26dy ago

Having been only close to 2 years removed from living in NYC, this was particularly difficult news to read. It took another day or so to actually accept it. Looks like I need to check in with a couple of people. Ricardo, I wish you the best. I know it must suck. The 6ft rule is pretty much impossible there unless you are super rich. My God, just unbelievable news...

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KimNobleMusic   commented 1mo+24dy ago

Hi All!! Just a quick update from R.C.'s public Facebook post! :) Happy news! :) And one of his first activities, of course, is posting a guitar video!! :) "First guitar video post hospital!!! One of my favorite songs of all times, Old Friend by Rancid!!! Feels so good to be home and breathing!!!!!" I'll link his FB page where he publicly posted about his incredibly hard journey, in case anyone would like to read about it. Stay safe, healthy, and happy K-town!! Hugs!! :)