offthewall / James Fraser 2mo+15dy ago
Happy St George's Day To all Englanders, whether locked in your own homes or trapped in another country unable to get home. You know I often do traditional songs but most of these tend to be Scottish or Irish. Don't have many purely English ones. This one is very English dating back to the 1600's.


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minime   commented 2mo+15dy ago

This is a nice Song and very fine presented from the Band ! Happy St George's Day to you James and all the other people here who are Englanders :-)) Stay Safe !

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Hines57   commented 2mo+15dy ago

I enjoyed hearing this song very much James:) It is a comfort to me, especially in these trying times, to remember that music crosses all barriers and still thrives! Happy St. George's Day to you my English friend!!

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PaulM44   commented 2mo+15dy ago

Beautifully done! Finding Traditional English songs is likely like trying to find Traditional USA American food (good luck, especially on the west coast) .