captainhook / Scotty V 2mo+22dy ago
Hello Everyone I am asking for all kompozers to please join me in the offering of thoughts and prayers to one of our own who is suffering greatly today. Raf (rafj) and his beautiful wife Bertie have lost their battle with cancer and Raf must now move on without her. Please show your support for Raf and his family at this difficult time. Services for Bertie to be held next Tuesday.


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Scottyv   commented 2mo+22dy ago

So sorry for your loss Raf and pray you find the peace you need at this difficult moment scotty

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jjt   commented 2mo+22dy ago

I'm very sorry to hear this, Raf. I, too, lost my wife to cancer, in 2016. I'm so sorry.

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JB2012   commented 2mo+22dy ago

That's so sad. My condolences. JB

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offthewall   commented 2mo+22dy ago

So sad, too. My sincere wishes.

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Line6Freak   commented 2mo+22dy ago

Very sad news. Our thoughts are with you at this difficult time. Tim

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SimonW   commented 2mo+22dy ago

Very sorry to hear that sad news. Thoughts are with you. Simon

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FidlerSongs   commented 2mo+22dy ago

May God bless you Raf:(. I am so so sorry for your terrible loss.:(

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WillaWay   commented 2mo+22dy ago

My condolences.

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DocDaFunk   commented 2mo+22dy ago

So sorry to hear that

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minime   commented 2mo+22dy ago

Really sorry to read this and my thoughts are with you Raf ! My deepest condolence !!!

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Shadow63   commented 2mo+21dy ago

Heartfelt blessing to sorry for your loss

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BrokenBString   commented 2mo+21dy ago

Thinking of sad.

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rafj   commented 2mo+21dy ago

Thanks all for the soothing this place and the fine people here All my life , i almost hated the' silly' lovesong thing ... making the music,ok, but writing the words down and sing ? nope....fortunately Scotty dropped these fine lyrics at the right moment....made love turn into music/music into love....nothing silly about it , i know now....should have done it sooo much earlier....

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KimNobleMusic   commented 2mo+20dy ago

Sooooo very sorry to read this!! Warm hugs... and be gentle with yourself, Rafj!!! Thanks for letting us know, Scotty!