OregonGuy / Terry Campbell 2mo+8dy ago
My brother has undergone two surgeries and has not been able to walk since Christmas... He lives in Tennessee and I, here in Oregon. However, the magic of technology allowed us to collaborate on this wonderful piece. It is so good to be able to sing with my big bro.


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liljoe6string   commented 2mo+8dy ago

wonderful job!

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xvpusw   commented 2mo+8dy ago


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LazyFrank   commented 2mo+8dy ago

Boa... Wonderful song! First class vocals ! It's really moving.

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RickyD   commented 2mo+8dy ago


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offthewall   commented 2mo+8dy ago

Great work Terry. This is the wonderful side of technology.

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peterrand   commented 2mo+8dy ago

Excellent both of you.

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OregonGuy   commented 2mo+8dy ago

Your comments made my day! Thank You!

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Teek   commented 2mo+8dy ago


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GeorgeSC   commented 2mo+8dy ago

Beautiful Terry : )

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KimNobleMusic   commented 2mo+8dy ago

So beautiful, Terry!! As Frank said, very very moving!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

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GELECTRIC   commented 2mo+8dy ago


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OregonGuy   commented 2mo+7dy ago

My brother is not on this site... However, he is an awesome musician, done studio work out of Nashville for a number of years. I am going to share these sweet comments with him... It will really build his spirit. I am so thankful to have this community of talented and good people in my life.