offthewall / James Fraser 2 months ago
Just a shout out for my youngest daughter ( LilahGrace ) as it's her birthday today and, being 200 miles away, I can't get to see her. If she would hold off from producing grandsons for me we might get more music out of her! For this song I managed to pin her down long enough to add some lovely penny-whistle and fiddle. Happy B-Day, young'un. :))


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KimNobleMusic   commented 2 months ago

This is really beautiful, Dear!! And a HUGE happy birthday to LilahGrace!! What a family!! :)

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Gemini   commented 2 months ago

A talented family indeed! Happy birthday to LilahGrace!!

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RickyD   commented 2 months ago

Happy B-Day, LilahGrace!!!

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SimonW   commented 1mo+28dy ago

Lovely music. Happy birthday, LilahGrace