minime / minime c 12 days ago
Valhalla Supermassive FOR FREE ! Have just try it a little bit but i would say it is a very good and useful Plug in for Windows and Mac ! My tip - Try and find out !


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stoman   commented 12 days ago

I haven't tried this specific plug-in, but +1 for Valhalla! It's just one guy, and he has created a couple of very good plugins that don't cost much but can easily compete with way more expensive ones.

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minime   commented 12 days ago

Yes his plug ins are very very fine ! I have there the same opinion ! Have just experiment with some sounds and playing with this one but so far i really like it and it will be a plug in that i will use for sure in the future ! That he has bring it for free is very very cool from him !

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Nimrod   commented 12 days ago

That work sets you free patch is a Trip!

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peterrand   commented 12 days ago



bagpipe   commented 10 days ago

Good call. I got notification on another gear forum and downloaded it - it's excellent. Valhalla Space Modulator (which is free if you've bought anything from Valhalla) is also fantastic.