sriracha / Billy LeCoq-Mauvais 11 days ago
"Dreams of the Nine" feat: Job Robbins: lockdown killer drums Rob Glass: stone cold bottom end a totally nailing the harmonic fixtures (guitars in order of leads) Timothy Reid Myself LilJoeySixString XterraBill Melody is Timothy on the high parts, me on the low and sitar parts. Couldn't be happier with this - you def want to wait for XT's Slashathon at the end. :D Mic drop, done


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Wire-and-Wood   commented 11 days ago

Exceptional stuff... Jon Robbins in the mix, that is pretty damn cool. I listened without reading the "order of leads" and knew them all by style. Expert level. You guys rock

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sriracha   commented 11 days ago

I have to say, when I wrote this, this was exactly what I was hoping for. I was hoping it might catch Timothy's ear and that I could egg Joey and Bill into it. :D Rob and Jon just pulled it all together - you have nothing without that rock solid foundation. Jon's ear for accents on cymbals is a special thing - really helps to bring out the song and then Rob just locked down the bottom end and made the riffs stand out so much better. Yeah, this was so much fun to see come together. I think I'll be revisiting "the Nine" in the future. :D

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DocDaFunk   commented 11 days ago

That ish is EPIC!!!

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JustVera   commented 11 days ago

Eargasms all over. JustGreat.

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KimNobleMusic   commented 11 days ago

hahaha , mic drop is right on!! Pretty much makes me quiver with merch ideas... not from the money aspect but because it's so visually inspirational!! GREAT JOB ALL but has high quality Billy sauce stamped all over it!! Sensational!!

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yannkifer   commented 11 days ago

You will end up converting, I really like, these guitar sounds, this rhythm, impressive. A hell job, you have, do it gentlemen Bravo to all of you Vous allez finir , par me convertir, j'aime vraiment, ces sons de guitare , cette rythmique, impressionnant. Un job d'enfer, que vous avez , fais là messieurs Bravo a vous tous

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xterrabill   commented 11 days ago

a treat to be surrounded by such wicked good players, love to do it again sometime. xterraslashiumathonfosteralamode with nuts! :)

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liljoe6string   commented 11 days ago

nuts? lololhaahha your closing solo is so inventive and so well played.. bravo! did i mention the tone is LUSH!