raf / Raf Fiol 14 days ago
Fellow Kompozarians. I apologies for the unannounced outage just now (we were down for about 35 minutes). This was necessary to perform some maintenance on the database to address recent slowness on the website.


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liljoe6string   commented 14 days ago

thankz RAF

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raf   commented 13 days ago

Any better today?

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Wire-and-Wood   commented 13 days ago

Ah, I was coming to leave a comment about the recent server slowness, but I see that is the reason for your maintenance. The site is working well right now. It's been kind of a sporadic thing, but at times severe lag resulting in load failures. Thanks for addressing it Raf

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JenCarie   commented 13 days ago

Thanks for all the hard work, Raf! I noticed that when we like a post on the community page, the right side notifications section shows we liked both the post and the song. Is that what you were wanting to do? :P Sometimes I browse a couple of hours the community page and will like maybe, 10 posts... That means my name will show up on notifications 20 times! lol...