stajo / Staffan Jonsson 12 days ago
Kim posted one Reemii631 - song... That reminded me of Blind that I loved and think more people needs to hear :) Remi631 :: lead vocals, melody, lyrics stajo :: arr


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KimNobleMusic   commented 12 days ago

Oh Staffan!! This is a STUNNING piece of artistry you both did!! Wow, perfectly arranged... that beginning is powerful and authoritative without being overly forceful... it's just the right balance!! TACK for sharing your gem!! Maybe if we flood the Community page with Remi songs he'll come back, if even just to listen how much he has touched so many of us with his unbelievable satin/silk/effortless vocals!!!


stajo   commented 12 days ago

:), let's fill up his mailing box to the connected email ;)