NuShampoo / Chris ------- 1mo+10dy ago
Hello Kompoz. This is my first upload. I'm curious to see what happens. Please listen and submit if interested. I'm looking for acoustic drums, electric bass and guitars. Thank you!


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WillaWay   commented 1mo+10dy ago

Welcome to Kompoz! Nice foundation you've uploaded. I'm sure you'll get some submissions!

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liljoe6string   commented 1mo+10dy ago

Great vibe! welcome

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Hines57   commented 1mo+10dy ago

Welcome Nu!!!

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minime   commented 1mo+9dy ago

Welcome !!! Had a listen to your new version number two ! Very fine work and the progress from this what you have showcase to your new version is very fine ! I am sure you will have here allot of fun with all the fine people here !