Hines57 / Thomas Hines 2mo+24dy ago
Were it not for this faithful day back in 1776, I could be James Fraser's butler today... "...would you like another cup of tea Mr. Fraser? Our plane leaves for the American Colonies in about an hour..."yes thank you Hines, and if you don't mind fetch my brolly, seems to be a bit mizzly out!" Sorry old chap...I would have been a good one!!!


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offthewall   commented 2mo+24dy ago

So ... that's where you got to, Hines my man? Been waiting far too long for that darn cuppa! I'm absolutely parched.

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Hines57   commented 2mo+24dy ago

As you say sir:) I learned all about the upstairs downstairs culture watching Downton Abbey:)

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JenCarie   commented 2mo+23dy ago

BAHAHA!!! This is gold. :P

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FingerFolkie   commented 2mo+23dy ago

OK, that's just plain funny. We all know James doesn't like house servants!