MikeJM / Mike Mantecon 2mo+23dy ago
Hey guys, Been a while since I've had time to get stuff done here. Hope everyone has been well in the midst of current events and I'm sending positivity to all of you! Been very preoccupied with other ventures and sorting things out in my life. Might have to make more of an effort to log in each day, even if it's just to like a post or what not. :) How has everyone been? Hope it's been a good summer and special apologies to those waiting on a response from me. I'll get to everything soon. :D Rock on friends!


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JenCarie   commented 2mo+23dy ago

Miss you, Mike! Yeah, I feel ya. But as soon as I get on, I'm like, it's 3am?!? :0 hahaha... "Addicting this place is" - Yoda lol


MikeJM   commented 2mo+22dy ago

Haha great to hear from you! It is time to get addicted again :-)

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JustVera   commented 2mo+23dy ago

Good to read you're kinda back, Mike! (Tip: you might check some private messages;-).


MikeJM   commented 2mo+22dy ago

Thanks for bearing with me lol :)