SimonW / Simon Wright 20 days ago
I watched this YouTube video tonight, entitled 'What makes this song great? Coldplay 'The Scientist'. There's lots of technical bits but what stood out for me was the way that they added in different instruments at certain points during the song to supplement the underlying piano. First strings, then acoustic guitar, then electric guitar. Think that's quite a clever way to build drama and keep the listener's attention


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RottGold   commented 20 days ago

Beato is great at doing these videos and breaking down the songs. I've heard this song many times, never knew it was Coldplay or it was named The Scientist, but know that I know the name I like it better.

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PolarBear   commented 20 days ago

Yup, Simon .. a good album. Love the song "Clocks". Beato mentioned a few times, that this is "simple" .. OK, .. :)


bagpipe   commented 19 days ago

I'm also a big fan of Rick Beatos "What make this song great?" series - he's excellent at simplifying and explaining music. I really like the first two Coldplay albums. I kinda lost touch with them after that.

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LithiumChris   commented 19 days ago

Same here - I'll thank Coldplay with being my gateway into other UK bands of that era, I loved a few Travis albums, there was Doves, and I still binge on Blur and the Clientele every year or two.