KingJadean / King Jadean 7mo+8dy ago
Is there a group for session players, singers and professional writers? Either as work for hire or mutual exchange of talents?



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Nimrod   commented 7mo+8dy ago

Dunno but if you need other skills and yu've got problems in your life of love You got a broken heart is double dealin' with your best friend That's when the teardrops start, fella Pick up the phone, I'm here alone Or make a social call Come right in, forget 'bout him We'll have ourselves a ball hey

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sriracha   commented 7mo+8dy ago

There's this: It's a cool idea, but it didn't take off, really. I wish they'd integrated it more directly with Kompoz and gone all in on it being session work. As it is now, it's a bit more like kompoz pro - you get paid, but you are auditioning for the job instead of being asked to work for hire.


KingJadean   commented 7mo+8dy ago

Just had a look and saw that there is no activity there at all. Do you know if there are players here who are willing and able to record professionally? From what I have seen so far the focus is more on idea generation and not following through to a final commercial production. Nothing wrong in that I'm just trying to assesses the lay of the land.

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sriracha   commented 7mo+7dy ago

There are a handful of people here who have very professional studio setups. Not most of us. As most folks are hobbyists spending the $$ to record in a pro studio isn't really in the budget. That's sort of the thing here: you work with what you have. There's a ton of real talent - some who are or have been professional players. As for moving to a final commercial production, I think people do care about it, but I'm only aware of a few who have contracts and then those folks are doing that stuff outside of kompoz - this is a creative outlet for them. Most people here try and get the best result together they can and be happy with it. Polishing things beyond when there's no outlet that rewards them in a financial way means most stuff is left at that "it's good enough for me" state. :)