Hines57 / Thomas Hines 2mo+7dy ago
Bombs Away My Dear Featuring drum track creation, mixing, and mastering by Nigel Robinson. Jen and I were struggling a bit with this one. We needed something...and Nigel knew what it was...more power Scotty!!! Nigel's creative selection of percussion style and excellent drumming performance really made it all come together as a completed concept for both of us:) Of course, as we know, there are many massively talented musicians here at Kompoz...and I would say that you, Sir Nigel, AKA Gemini, are one among the top tier of this group!! Salute!!!


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Gemini   commented 2mo+7dy ago

Hello Thomas! Thanks so much my friend. This one was a unique challenge and it was a great privilege to work with you and Jen on it. Thanks for giving me the freedom to express myself which to me is what music is all about.

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Hines57   commented 2mo+7dy ago

Absolutely!!! My only qualification for a successful project is if everyone enjoyed the creative process, and I enjoy hearing it play back in my truck when I drive to the post office:) Always give you guys and myself a “well done” on this one:)

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JenCarie   commented 1mo+26dy ago

Oh my gosh, YES! This was a WARRIOR drumming and Nige and Tom and I talked about this and it felt so amazing to have that spirit of oneness in this song. Only Gemini could do that! And to add to the exhortation of what Nigel does... His backings (harmony) is soooooo awesome and I LOVE singing with you just as much my friend! xoxoxoxo