JenCarie / Jennifer Carie 16 days ago
HELLO my Ktown Fam!! I've missed you! Been trying to catch up on all the great tunes. My goodness ... SMH! So many great ones. New peeps and others coming back! What have you been up to? What is your fav tune you're working on in the past couple months? I've been 'live band' gigging it up... Harder than I remembered but its fun. Getting gigs outdoors so people can spread out. It's truly b/c of all of you that I even have the guts to do live gigs again... So, thank you! <3 Let me know what you think. Be gently on me (teeeheee) but please be brutally honest about the guitar player!! :P Lord knows he is brutally honest on how he feels about me and the other guys in the band! LOL!!! Love ya all! Stay healthy and safe! xoxoxo Jen


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Hines57   commented 16 days ago

Hi Jen Carie!! You are fantastic as always..but the guitar player sucks!!!!!!!!!!!! ....just kidding..those guys are OK, but you def are the best part of the band:)) Rock on girl, and thanks for dropping in on us couch potato recording artists!!!

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Midipunk   commented 16 days ago

Everyone sounds great from here! Your 'ace in the hole' can be that everyone plays guitar; guitarists are always looking for vocals. Big smile as I type this not trying to swim with the fishes.

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GoYeah   commented 16 days ago

Man .... didn't know you were THAT hot ! :):):)

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DocDaFunk   commented 16 days ago

Love it super tight and ur voice's amazing!

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EinsteinsDad   commented 16 days ago

Love it Jen! Glad to see you are out there having fun and sharing that golden voice with everyone lucky enough to have a seat!!

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BrokenBString   commented 16 days ago

Yay!! Hot stuff and great live vibe! Well done all, and well belted, our Jen. More of that please. I know you were a little worried about the age difference here but take it from one who knows, all you gotta do is make sure they all get back to the home before matron comes round with the cocoa :-)) C

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JeanLui   commented 16 days ago

best of all: the voice

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Redfish   commented 15 days ago

Welcome back Jen ...... I must say I am a tad envious that you have been able to get a few gigs in the current climate ...... you go girl!

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JenCarie   commented 15 days ago

You guys are so awesome! And hilarious! LMBO! :D Thanks so much. <3 I needed that boost from my guys! XOXOXO


LooknGlass   commented 14 days ago

You're awesome Jen!! Great vid; I've been wondering where you've been!