hopeflguy2112 / James Maclachlan 16 days ago
Hey folks...looking for a singer to help develop this little song I am working on into a full blown tune. I have included the lyrics, but am open to singer accommodation. I am trying to reach overhead.. I barely grasp for the edge There is snow, ice, and cold And I feel myself slip further And I grasp even less...I grasp less.. So many years.. my constant falling I've got to foot up...I will stop this stalling Feeling invincible, this moment is mine Suddenly, I am on the path of light After 7 years, a path I can finally call my own All the pain, the tears, the hurt My inner child, my wounded heart, has finally grown Rising from the ashes, a new heart is sown


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PKigilcimlyricist   commented 16 days ago

Beautiful Wishing you Good Luck with it :)