telescope01 / Stephanie Fischer 15 days ago
Hi! I am a female singer songwriter going by Blue Ivy Wave. I bring together elements of rock, ambient, classical, and others. I am looking for help on my first release, in the form of guitar, mastering, or get in touch with what you feel you can contribute!


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LithiumChris   commented 15 days ago

Nice, Stephanie. I listed to Sigur Ros quite a bit back in the 2000's and it has that kind of vibe. I'll be up for engineering/mixing if you're OK with waiting a few weeks until I get my head above water on some other projects. If another engineer comes along sooner to handle this one, no problem but feel free to hit me up later.

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telescope01   commented 15 days ago

Sure, I appreciate it. Thank you!

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telescope01   commented 14 days ago

Stems of the vocals, backing music, and drums have now been included.