ChrystalKafka / Chrystal Kafka 4mo+5dy ago
A rare moment with Rays serious side. Dazzos beautiful tune. I read and listened to the others tributes. It is true that Ray was the kindest soul, massive heart. Mine is broken. I cant believe hes gone. Sending you loads of love Brother Ray.


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dazzos   commented 4mo+5dy ago

My heart is broken too Chrystal. I just can't come to terms with the fact that he is gone. In Ray, I had one of those rare friendships, where you may not speak for a period of months, but when you did, from the off it was like you were carrying on a conversation from a moment ago. A true kindred spirit. A rare individual indeed, kind, funny, ridiculously talented and just an all round top guy. I had to leave early from work today, went to the pub and drank a toast (several in fact) to a legend. From today, I have and will continue to listen back on all the fantastic music we made together and cherish it all. Although I already miss him, I will never forget him

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ChrystalKafka   commented 4mo+5dy ago

You?ve got me crying again. I really related to everything you have said. I wish I were there to Join you at the pub. The next round on me. XX