PolarBear / Ken Swanson 2mo+24dy ago
This has nothing to do with music .. but, as noted below, .. Sean Connery has passed. This is one of my favorite film sequences, .. and Sean's in it. He's got quite the stage presence, not?


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nemonty   commented 2mo+24dy ago

A friend of mine that is an actor/producer/all around artist told me that Sean Connery had something called IT. I took that to mean he had something special. His Scotch accent and good looks propelled him to stardom. 90 years of life is pretty damm good! We should all aspire to live a good & long life.

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PolarBear   commented 2mo+24dy ago

Hey man, .. long time! Still living the dream? :) This man .. I just observed a "Top 10" of Connery films, on Youtube .. and there were movies, on this list, .. that I've never heard of, on that. So, bearing that in mind, .. yes, "The Hunt For Red October" is great .. but, a rival, in my opinion, is "The Wind & the Lion". Heard of that? Loosely based off a real story .. awesome film. Connery, at his finest. But also, Candace Bergen & Brian Keith, at their's.