LSFP / Alessandro Filippin 14 days ago
I'd like to highlight one point of view of mine. It is good to upload your personal instrument track with reverb on it to help the creator of the collaboration to better enjoy and understand your part. But when it comes to Seps you have to upload dry. Imagine this: A drummer upload his part with a 0.8 sec stone room A guitarist his part with a 0.8 sec plate Piano with a hall 2.2 And a vocal with 1.2 hall and a delay here and there. How is it possible to put it all together making it sound as the same ambient, same performance? If you really like the Fx you used simply upload that Fx only in another Sep with some comment on main settings.


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jannik   commented 14 days ago

It's the general rule here that seps should be dry.. If someone uploads wet seps then you can just ask for dry ones - shouldn't be a problem :)


javierpg84   commented 14 days ago

Hi LS FP I understand your comment and the need to free up the engineers hands for a more creative use of reverbs. However, the use of different and contrasting reverbs and spaces can be a production choice and several producers are ok with placing things in different spaces. In genres like jazz and classical music I will totally set my knee down with the reverbs as it will be totally unnatural and ask for the drier versions. For other genres, I will use some tools to reduce the sustain of the tails if those are too long. And sometimes, the client is always right and you go with the flow. Bob Katz once told me "Remember we are in a service industry, the client is always right" Take care.

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Wire-and-Wood   commented 13 days ago

I agree that this is a general rule here, and you are in no way out of line requesting dry seps. I especially like your statement about uploading the wet version for reference. I also appreciate what Javier said, but here at Kompoz at least, we are not customers, we are collaborators. I think that gives engineers the right to steer things toward their ideal format, and it helps to educate in the right way. I know years ago I fought against this mentality with a particular engineer because I thought my wet vocal was just fine, and I wanted to preserve that level of verb, etc. That was a really selfish and foolish mentality on my part, and it ultimately worked against the song(and it hurt feelings as well). You will always run into different individuals here on Kompoz, with different levels of receptiveness to suggestion. There is no hive mind or single way of doing things here, in fact the total opposite. I think each of us is best to establish our own parameters, and then, although you may stretch those to work with anybody you choose, you can generally find like-minded collaborators that will consistently work in a way most suited to you. I admire and appreciate what you guys do, and it is certainly a creative art in itself. What a great creative resource and outlet this is.

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Midipunk   commented 13 days ago

Welcome! Some drummers upload dry seps with stone room reverb because we're in a basement. I hope to demonstrate for you one day.