minime / minime c 14 days ago
Vacuum Cleaner - Mini - Treid We would like to have some Vocals on this Project ! My Vacuum Cleaner would be happy ! Other Ideas are welcome too ! UPDATE !!! THE PROJECT HAS NOW VOCALS FROM MIKE AND SOME MORE VACUUM CLEANER FROM ELLEN ! Vacuum Cleaner and Mini are both Super happy with the Project !!!


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ChrystalKafka   commented 14 days ago

Starting to jam! Love this!!!

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minime   commented 14 days ago

Hello Chrystal - Hop on Board with all ideas you have ! Jam and have fun ! Have a nice weekend Lady ;-)

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ChrystalKafka   commented 13 days ago

Out of my league, but if there?s anything someone wants I can help with with little of mg own imagination, I?m in! Minime- thank you for always making the World a little brighter! Hugs, my friend.

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Wire-and-Wood   commented 14 days ago

Wow! Industrial strength vacuum!

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minime   commented 13 days ago

Hello Mike - Please if you have free time you are more then welcome with all ideas you have ! You have also a good start in the weekend Sir !