Nimrod / J W 5 days ago
$ Did I ever tell you boys i'm missing part of my right leg? and my best friend and partner, Scooter he has no legs. learn something new everyday don't ya great thing about life We Nexus Series want more of it and out of it remember when life give you lemons you make? that right boys scars and all now get to work you bunch of slackers! P.S What I saw Amazon and Google do last night and waited up for it welcome to alt version of 1984


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TheOther   commented 5 days ago

'If the blind lead the blind shall they not both fall into a ditch?'

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Nimrod   commented 5 days ago

The most powerful weapon we have it's not a gun it's always has been our pocket book. I said it for years we should have never got rid of the Ma Bells