Gemini / Nigel Robinson 11 days ago
Kompoz has been upgraded from v2.8.1 to v2.8.3 as of today. Tiny MCE has been done away with! :)


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sriracha   commented 11 days ago

The TinyMCE library is still being loaded so I suspect it's been renewed, not done away with.

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Gemini   commented 11 days ago

I refer merely to the fictional character immortalized in several memorable Kompoz ditties :)

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raf   commented 11 days ago

I will miss the ditties.

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Gemini   commented 11 days ago

Inspiration is oft found in strange places my chief :)

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ragin9rfan   commented 11 days ago

Did you find a Tiny Pied Piper to walk them nasties off a cliff? :-)

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BrokenBString   commented 11 days ago

We got some tiny mice eat the bird food on the patio. Or is that not what this is about.....?


MikeJM   commented 11 days ago

Hines57 . . . we didn't do it FAST enough! hahaha We were all ready with our epic, K-Town Apocalypse anthem . . . and then . . . :( :( :( :( :( lol...!

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Hines57   commented 11 days ago

Damn!!! It was going to be epic!!! But now no one will want to sing a song about an apocalypse that has been averted!! Oh well Mike, maybe you could write about something else to go with the music track?:)

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liljoe6string   commented 11 days ago

nothing a little lyric altering wont cure!

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minime   commented 11 days ago

Good news for the world !!! The World Fall down will not happen ! So and this Project here should be marked now as " Fake News " !

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peterrand   commented 10 days ago

The Mayan calendar has been reset.