Redfish / Tony Gee 10 days ago
This song was inspired by a rendering of his attic stairs posted to Kompoz from our very own Ken (xd238), who has been struggling mightily to get his recording studio set up, and to be able to work on producing music. The cover art is a perfect metaphor for how Ken is trying to do his music against a lot of challenges: The shining window/mirror at the top of the stairs beckoning ..... the boxes and debris on the steps .... obstacles to reach the light ...... This song is dedicated to Ken, and others like him: people who have many challenges in life but wont give up. The message is: Things WILL get better .... maybe with a shaky start ... but you will find your way, and the frustration will be beaten down and your confidence will grow. This is our hope for you. Minime (minime) - drums, guitar Philippe Pansard (Bassman78fr) - bass Nigel Robinson (Gemini) - keyboards, mastering Mike Mantecon (Mike JM) - Lyrics Dave Budd (djlbudd) - Vocals


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xd238   commented 10 days ago

"The Return of xd238 Comes Back" - in theaters later this year. There won't be many theaters left, but don't worry, no one will be there anyway. :D Of course the obligatory Holy Grail quote: "im not dead yet. im getting better. " Thank you all again for helping me see the light in an especially difficult time as far as making progress and coming to terms with my new limitations.

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Redfish   commented 10 days ago

ahhh ..... it's just a flesh wound .....


xd238   commented 10 days ago

You can stop now Tony, the 100£ is in the mail xD