rockindrummer68 / Mark Van Der Linden 4 days ago
Rock Song Concept Scratch Demo. Looking for collaborators to help me with this please. The length of the song is long as of now because it's just a concept and needs to be structured properly with folks that come in on it to help. It's got rhythm guitar, bass guitar, drums, and some lead guitar on it now just so y'all can get an idea of what I was thinking and feeling for it. I'm thinking I'm looking for these talents in order to make it a complete Kompoz collaboration or we could use some of what I have already, we'll just see how things go if anybody's interested. Thanks, rockindrummer68 :) Bass-Electric Drums-Acoustic Guitar-Lead Guitar-Rhythm Keyboards Vocals-Female Vocals-Male


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JeanLui   commented 3 days ago

I don't really understand what you need when this already sounds very good: guitars, bass, drums.