ragin9rfan / Jeff Maxwell 14 days ago
Hey Kompoz, Hope you all had a "Sunny Day" today, especially any/all folks down Texas way. This mix came about because I was looking for material to work with on some new gear. I'm generally happy with this, (at least it's competitive sound-wise with some reference tracks) and as all people here know who work on mixes endlessly, finding a setup that you are pleased with is a difficult thing to do. Anyway hope you all like it. Let me know how it's translating to your personal gear if you do have a listen. Appreciate it!


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Redfish   commented 14 days ago

sounds great to me

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ragin9rfan   commented 13 days ago

Thanks Tony! It's as always a work-in-progress, but it's better than it's ever been, for my version anyway so there's that!