Lore / Loreto del Carmen 5 days ago
Hi!, i am a singer songwriter and have this channel on youtube where i am sharing my songs. I am looking for drums and bass, cause this songs need more instruments hahah :)


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liljoe6string   commented 4 days ago

you have a very special voice and thats a good song you wrote my advice, write the songs, then get a guitar player whose better to play it.. add on bass & drums, maybe keys.. then do your voice.. would free you up to be more passionate and loose in your vids.. and make the music equal to the great vox..


Void   commented 3 days ago

Saludos de un Chileno a otra :) The song on your video is good, nice sound quality. I can drop some drums on your track if you like. You should upload a song though, all you currently have on the project is a .jpg file.