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I WILL RESCUE YOU lyrics by JOEL SATTLER when the hurricane hits and tears your world to bits and the rain comes down and you almost drown and it seems like the storm will never end just remember that I am your friend I will rescue you I will rescue you I will see you through I will rescue you I owe it to you I owe it to me if I have to die to set you free I swear to God I will you are so very dear to me so very near to me my heart is your heart and yours is mine for now and yesterday and throughout time yesterday was like a dream tomorrow is yet to be seen what I want is only more a thousand years is much too short the earth's a ball in the solar court and time is just a way of keeping score trouble comes and trouble goes and on and on goes the road and I will carry you when you can't walk war is ugly so is hate history is full of mistakes and everything else is merely talk but I will rescue you yes I will rescue you I will try to see you through and rescue you...... ===================


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good stuff

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