markmiller / Mark Miller 4 days ago
I just learned of Ray Kaliss' (Brother Rat) passing today. We did several collaborations together, many starting with just piano and drums... my favorite combination))) He'd hit me up with an idea and say 'go wild'...I think he liked the way I play.... This song finished off as 'Holy Breath' but after our 1st take together I named it 'Ray of Hope' Prior to this song, Ray had spent countless hours communicating with me as my wife Kathie was dying from cancer....As traditional treatments failed, He researched holistic approaches, sending me his latest thoughts on diet and nutrition which gave Kathie much comfort. Though she didn't make it, I'm grateful for his thoughtfulness. He dedicated the final version to Kathie and I....maybe the song was born from our experience together, I'm not sure... The final song version is wonderful with Rob Glass on bass and Rosillo-vich on guitar, but this track, the first track, that to many probably sounds like brash drums and cymbals crashing over a beautiful piano, to me is a real communication between 2 close as it gets on the internet.... a Ray of Hope...


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liljoe6string   commented 4 days ago

i actually got choked up listening the passion and emotion from your drums is so real and Ray~ wonderful how he knew exactly how to play it to move the feelings..just great!


ReggieB   commented 4 days ago

Even though Ray and I played the same instrument he was so kind and complimentary,everytime I posted something he went out of his way to say something nice, great man,I miss talking with him about music

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Midipunk   commented 4 days ago

Great guy and very talented!

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JustVera   commented 4 days ago

The best go first. Cancer and life is a toxic combination. Yet hope, life itself and awesome music make it doable.

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JenCarie   commented 1 day ago

He loved you, Mark. He would write me those long comforting emails too, as I had loved ones in need. He bragged about your playing and truly respected your talent. I miss him so much. Thank you for this song! So beautiful! <3 And I'm so sorry to hear about your wife Kathie's passing...