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SKINNY LEGS AND ALL by Joe Tex Say, man! Don't walk ahead of that woman Like she don't belong to you Just 'cause her got them little skinny legs You know that ain't no way to do You didn't act like that when ya had it home Behind closed do's! Alright Now, you act like you ashamed of the woman Don't even want nobody to know she's yo's But that's, alright You just walk on, baby! (hup, hup) H'uh! And don't you worry about a doggone thing, a'tol (hup, hup) Because there's some man, somewhere Who'll take you Baby, skinny legs and all 'I swear!' Keep on walkin', baby (Hup, hup) Show ya what I'm talkin' about Listen to this: Now, who'll take the woman with the skinny legs? (Try, Leroy) Stand right there baby, I'm 'on give you away In a minute Come on, somebody please take the lady with The skinny legs? (I don't 'wan 'em!) Now, ya'all know the lady with skinny legs Got to have somebody too, now (No, I don't wanna help that person!) Will somebody, please take the lady with The skinny legs, please? (Ay, Joe!) Yeah, Bobby (Why don't you take her?) She ain't no fool! I don't want no woman with no skinny legs Look here! I thought about givin' this woman to Clyde But, no Say, I know the kind-a women Clyde like Ol' Leroy'll take her Say, LEROY! You got her! Say, Miss Sweetie Now, why you wan' act like that man Ain't yo's? Just 'cause he's walkin' with you With them raggedy clothes? Man just forgot to get his suit outta the cleaners That's all Alright! Alright! Ya act like that man don't belong to ya Go on over there and kiss 'em and Hold his hand Unk: 'Go over there and squeeze your man' Unk man: 'I'd like to have her squeeze my hand' Uh! Say you ain't gon' do what? Unk: 'I likes it' (Unk man w/woman-like voice) 'I say later, ho' 'That's alright You just walk on, mister! (Thank you, you're welcome!) And don't you worry about a doggone thing a'tol (Hup, Hup) Because there's some woman Somewhere, who'll take you Mr. Raggedy Clothes and all Yes they will Just keep on walkin' (Hup, Hup) H'uh! (Hup, Hup) H'uh! (Hup, Hup) Don't be ashamed a-what you got (Hup, Hup) (Hup, Hup) Just sayin', what girl's that you dropped wouldn't tell you


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