Void / The Void 3 days ago
Some asshole was lurking in my backyard trying to steal my things. I pulled a weapon and he got mad, called me a white piece of shit (I'm half Chileno/Arab). Then, I found this video. Enjoy peeps, fuck the world...


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Redfish   commented 3 days ago

cool video - sorry you have to put up with those scum-bags dude :( - dont let the buggers grind you down - Red

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Void   commented 3 days ago

Since 1996 in Kansas City, I've... Pulled a firearm four times on aggressive assholes bee-lining on me, fortunately they ran Pepper sprayed one random maniac bee-lining on me with his fists flailing in the air and calling me a homosexual Been in seven fist fights at school, work, and out in public (once sucker punched in the nose, very bloody) Been robbed / taken advantage of by white collar crooks three times Been hit on the head with a rock once trying to stop a fight Witnessed more assaults than I can accurately remember (one dude got his face beaten bloody over ten dollars) Found out my mother was purse-snatched, a few friends beaten bloody, and one friend was stabbed over 100 times and set on fire Kansas City is a shithole. I'm moving away when I can afford it. Which, honestly, might be never.

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Redfish   commented 3 days ago