Wire-and-Wood / Mike - 3 days ago
My buddy John and I made this song here on Kompoz in 2016, and it stands as a favorite of mine. Somehow the lyrics seem appropriate to recent events. We both share vocal, with John "MusicalHermit" taking the bridge. Thanks Creed: I want to be the adventurer capturing the artifact Smooth but cynical rescuing aristocrats No fool for evidence meet me at the consequence Spreading out a false truth Speaking it so eloquent Boom, our backs are now against the wall a coma for the rational a decoy deployed by those who never bleed and it isn't an accident... This is my creed Poison.... now it's coming out from me We fell below and cannot stop until we bestow the smiles that got away The end We'll show is beautiful Keep it Down Take it Slow Take some time until we know we're rational and stoic The end We'll show is beautiful Its almost worth trying to save. its mostly forgettable I'll sail away don't follow please The lies I built can carry me It must be true if you believe I'll see you soon Don't cry for me Don't cry.... Please don't cry for me


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Redfish   commented 2 days ago

You and John are a kick-ass team Mike - we want MORE! :P

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Wire-and-Wood   commented 2 days ago

Thanks Tony, we?ve made a ridiculous amount, so watch what you wish for! I appreciate the listen